Introduction to Deploying an Application to AWS using AWS CLI Blog Series

This blog series aims to replicate the architecture recommendations as described in the Scaling Up to Your First 10 million Users video presented at Re:invent 2015.

Example Application

I want this blog series to focus on developing infrastucture deployment scripts. Therefore, I decided to use an already available application. I picked application developed in Miguel Grinberg’s Flask Mega-Tutorial. I list the reasons for picking this application below.

Why Flask Mega-Tutorial

A few reasons why I picked this application:

  • Uses python-based web framework - Flask. Flask is a micro framework which can be learned very quickly.
  • In my opinion, Grinberg’s tutorial is by far the best tutorial to learn Flask application development. In fact, the tutorial is best I have seen for learning web application development - not just python web development, but web development in general.

Application Technology Stack

Application uses:

  • Python-based Flask application framework
  • nginx as web server
  • PostgreSQL database

The application repository setup is described in more detail in Part 3b.

Tools Used for Deployment

  • bash
  • jq